In property investments, there are two main determinants - capital growth and rental income. Capital growth is the increase in the value of a property over time whilst rental income refers to the amount of monthly rents that can be collected from the tenancy of a property. A good property investment has two key elements ie. a) one that have the potential of high capital growth, which appreciates in value over time and b) secure rental, which generates cash flow or steady incomes to the property owner.

When making investment decisions, property investors need to know what is the expected rental yields from a property investment and how its yield would fare in comparison with similar class of properties as well as other alternative investments available in the market such as REIT, stocks, unit trusts etc.

Principal Investment / Asset Management

While employing core investment principles Aristo seeks to generate high returns with effective leasing and property management for its clients. Aristo will use all available resources to suggest investment opportunities in all real estate asset classes.


Aristo takes an active role in guiding you, our client, through every step of real estate investment, including (1) targeting investment opportunities based on your investment horizon and expected return (2) positioning and leasing your asset to maximize its potential and (3) assisting you with the subsequent sale, if appropriate in light of your goals and then-existing market conditions. By taking the time to understand your needs, and leveraging the expertise of our result-oriented professionals, our firm will maximize your potential to achieve your investment goals.

Buying from a Developer

There are several factors to consider when buying property that is still under construction. Reliability of the developer is paramount, and Aristo will only offer properties of developers with good reputation and record . Our sources in various Financial institutions and banks funding the developer also help answer enquiries and help us gain a better understanding of the developer’s financial status. It is important that the recommended developer and the project should have timely possession, high quality construction, compliance with the buyer’s agreement (especially penalty clauses), providing the amenities mentioned, etc.
Once the buyer is convinced that the developer is reputable, Aristo will arrange a lawyer who will be instructed to commence a search of necessary documentation, such as:

- An approved plan of the building along with the number of floors, and that the floor on which the apartment intended to be purchased is approved or not, as sometimes developers exceed the permissions granted to them.
- Whether the developer owns the land on which the building is located, or whether he has undertaken an agreement with a landlord. If so, the title of the land ownership, development agreement with the landowner, and power of attorney executed by the landowner in favour of the developer will be checked.