A buyer needs to understand and follow the below listed pointers in order to make buying a property an easy and seamless process. This will eliminate any hassles that one would usually encounter and is the ideal process to follow while looking for a dream house.

Step 1
While most young, well-educated professionals are likely to be doing short stints in several cities, the most important parameter when buying the first home should be 'Is this the city I want to live in?' If you've zoned in on the city then figure out whether you want a modern, spacious housing that may require a commute or something smaller close to the metro core.

Step 2
When you're young, you have a long earning years ahead of you but the current savings are probably limited. Which means your dream house is pretty much out of the question right now. But make a start. But hold on before you start getting hopeful. Budget for your house considering payments such as your own contribution, the fees charged by all the financial institutions, upfront payment, agent fees, stamp duties, transfer charges, parking charges, clubhouse membership, interiors, etc.

Step 3
Once you have decided to buy a property, one of the important decisions you will need to make is whether to find the property yourself or employ a real estate agent to do it for you. Real estate agents must be licensed real estate agents with independent office in the area of property search, affiliated to an association either local or National, should have his own website with a testimonial page and a brief about the agency and its services policy and brokerage terms. In absence of a website a LinkedIn profile would also be handy to check on references and testimonials. A technology savvy agent will be able to send you regular updates and share pictures and essential documents in a more efficient manner saving you time and effort.

If you choose to use an agent, then consider:

  • the person’s experience in the business and whether he is a local agent. Ask about the agency’s management portfolio and the types of properties the agency deals in;
  • the property agent approach to search your property and understand your requirement and preferences.
  • the property agents manner in dealing with people; and
  • the brokerage fees charged.

An experienced real estate agent helps you to take that informed decision. He knows the nuances of renting real estate in the neighborhood. He has all the answers to your questions and makes sure that your interests are taken care of. The Real estate agent saves a lot of your time by first understanding your exact requirement and then involving you only when he gets the exact match.

Step 4

Relocating your family today is not an easy task it’s a challenge. One does not change his house or rather relocate regularly. Hence you need to take guidance from an expert who has in-depth knowledge about of the vast locations & should be sound enough to provide a locality or residential complex of your liking. Hence it is essential for agents to know their client’s needs and provide them solutions accordingly.

Relocation is not just moving to a new house or a new city or a new place. With convenience what one looks for is what facilities are available in the surrounding areas – schools, markets, hospitals, and theaters & close proximity to their work place. If a family is relocating to Mumbai the first preference should be given to properties that are within walking distance from children's new school. This is important because the city transport and communication gets affected in monsoon. The second priority should be given to the place of work in terms of the distance from the workplace. Certain locations are popular because they are located close to the commercial hubs of the city and have quality schools in the vicinity and buyers have numerous choices of apartments in terms of quality and price.

In terms of size a typical 2BHK area is about 1000 square feet built up area. This is ideal for newly married couples with perhaps a single child. A 3BHK size can range between 1400 square feet built up to 2000 plus square feet built up and is ideal for larger families or families who have frequent guests.
A newer building can save huge renovation costs as most apartments have modern bathrooms with quality sanitary ware , modular style kitchen, imported flooring, air conditioning etc.

Step 5

This is a big one. Loans belong to complicated world. Let's break it up into two parts to make it less intimidating:

A. The Selection

I. To start with, you can get a loan for upto 75% of the property value. This means for a house worth Rs 1crore your loan component can be about Rs 75 lakhs.

II. Most important are those three little letters- EMI. Your budget for buying your home should be based on your household budget and how much money you can afford put in an EMI. For a single person, the EMIs should not exceed 60-65% of your net income and for a married person the maximum is 35-40% of your joint income.

III. We give you three handy tips for selection

IV. To increase the loan amount that you can get, take a loan jointly with your spouse so that both the incomes are clubbed to determine the gross repayment capacity.

V. While choosing your financier do your homework and keep sanctions from at least two ready with you as a backup in case the first one throws up some unpleasant surprises.

VI. Go for a step-up loan where you will make lower repayments in the initial years and higher ones as your income increases. Find out all about variable EMIs

B. The repayment

There are two ways you can choose to repay your loan -- conservative or aggressive. The choice depends on your individual financial situation and goals. You can choose longer terms and lower EMIs or vice versa. You can also choose lower loan amounts or take a joint loan. Use our EMI calculator to find out how much you will pay.

Home loans are not all bad news, there's good news too – home loans are great for tax breaks. If the principal component on your housing loan is Rs 1 lakh (Rs 100,000) and you make no other investments you will get the full advantage of it. You may end up getting a double benefit; a deduction of up to Rs 1 lakh on the principal amount and Rs 1.5 lakh (Rs 150,000) on the interest component.

In closing, you'll probably agree that buying a home is no cakewalk. But at the end of a long days' work when you can sit back and relax in a space you can call your own then it will seem well worth the effort.

Step 6

      Indicate a precise date and time for the viewings. Most buyers prefer weekends and that is why it is important to share the date and time in advance with us at Aristo so we can schedule viewings accordingly and a few days prior intimation will allow us to arrange maximum properties for you in minimum time.

      If you are working exclusively with Aristo then do let us know that you trust us to help you find your dream home and we will line up maximum properties for you saving you a lot of time and effort. We will use our entire network to source properties directly from owner as well as other agents and you can be rest assured that if there is a matching property available in the desired location you will see it first through us at Aristo

      Always make notes while visiting properties. Pen down the building name, wing and flat no, furniture fixture description along with your rating of the apartment. If you are seeing property through multiple agents then note down the name of the agent . By doing so you would know whom to contact once the property has been shortlisted. During inspections if you require any further information about the property make a note and share with your agent. Ask him to mail you the reply. This will ensure you have all necessary information about the property that will help you to shortlist accordingly.

Step 7
Here are some tips to help you write that winning purchase offer and beat out the competition.
  Write a Friendly Offer
Don’t include too many demands in your offer.

  Put Your Best Foot Forward
Simply put, this means write your very best offer. You might get only one chance to make an impression on the seller, so don’t make a low offer hoping the seller will give you a counter offer. If the seller has received multiple offers, the low offers most often are not even considered. They are shoved into the rejected pile. Figure out the top rupee you are willing to pay for the home and offer that price.

  Put Down a Healthy Earnest Money Deposit
A larger earnest money deposit shows you are serious and are willing to put your cash on the table. Sellers will feel you are more committed.

  Offer to Close Quickly
Unless there are extenuating circumstances, many sellers prefer to close within 45 days or fewer. If you can offer a 30-day closing time frame, that might be more important to the seller than an offer for more money and be just the edge you need to beat out the competition.