Finding the right property manager is like finding a needle in a hay stack! If you seek a consummate professional to manage your residence, then we at Aristo are the company to talk to. We maintain the highest standards and ensure your investment remains in the best possible condition. We will not tolerate excuses when it comes to collecting rent and we will not tell lies when it comes to maintenance issues. How would you feel if you returned to your home or unit after not seeing it for years and it was a mess?

Each day we strive to act as an extension of your management philosophy and goals. We market your property aggressively by providing a thorough rent evaluation and comprehensive multimedia effort in placement of tenants. Thoroughly qualify prospective renters by utilizing investigative-quality application processing. Provide safe and clean residences for renters. Conduct comprehensive inspections of your property, inside and out. Minimize the day-to-day expenses of management and maintenance by careful and routine property inspections, planning and maintenance scheduling. Be available via round-the-clock for maintenance management. Communicate with the tenants. Promptly collect and account for all funds through timely collection of rent. Generate a monthly Cash Flow report mailed along with the proceeds from that month. Constantly evaluate the rental market to maximize your income. Plan, budget and implement all maintenance and capital improvements. Keep you informed - owner input is encouraged and always welcomed.

Routine property inspections to review property condition and overall appeal.
Our repairs and maintenance service includes coordinating the work, obtaining necessary permission from society/builder, giving you estimates of the repair work from qualified service providers, supervising the repairs and maintenance work, providing you proofs of work performed, purchasing necessary material required for the repairs and maintenance on your behalf, and so on.
We arrange cleaning and housekeeping services if you want a clean house when you visit on vacation, or want to clean after tenants have moved out, or want to clean it prior to next tenant moving in.

Renovation Management Services

This service is suitable if you want to prepare your apartment/house prior to relocating to the city so that you don't lose any time after you relocate or make alternate staying arrangements. You can also use these services if you intend to rent your property. It is critical to hire services like ours who can keep check on material, labor and pace of the work. This service will pay for itself by keeping control on your price tag.
This service includes hiring architect and/or interior designer who is reliable reasonable and known for timely completions. We will coordinate with the architect and interior designer, monitoring renovation work, emailing photos/video of samples, designs, drawings, help with material purchase and tracking, sending you regular updates and progress report, getting builder/society permissions, making sure work confirms to your requirements and specifications.


Renters are obtained through our vast network of agents, property managers, relocation agencies, institutions and companies. We make every effort to fit the applicant to the property and practice and encourage all fair and equal housing guidelines. We will develop a marketing image for regular supportive promotion of your property to the local market and then take care of the details.

Filling vacancies
Timely placement of qualified tenants is critical to one's bottom line. When a 30-day notice is received, we spring into action. You get: Immediate notification, Professional recommendation regarding rent amount, Property showings – every effort is made to minimize the amount of time a property remains vacant. We even return calls and show vacancies on weekends, holidays, and in the evening.

Screening & Quality Control
Based on your requirements and our judgment, an investigation of each rental applicant is made and can include any or all of the following: Written application, credit report, previous landlord reference(if any), employment verification. We view tenant selection as our most important function.

Rent Collection
Accounting – a detailed accounting of all income and expenses is created monthly using our state of the art software. Reports and disbursements are mailed to you monthly. As part of our service we can make deposits to your bank account monthly.

Types of Property We Manage
Residential Apartments, Commercial Offices

Property Control
Renters are required to sign a rental agreement which outlines all terms and conditions, as well as the responsibilities of the landlord. A security deposit is collected from the renter to help insure performance and to be applied towards the cost of any damages upon move out. Written and photo documentation of the interior and exterior condition at your property is created and maintained.