Seller Resources

Even if a simple advertisement did produce a buyer knocking on your door, how would you handle the following questions:

“How does your home compare to others in the same location?”
“How did you determine the fair market value of this property?”
“What about financing?   Can you help?”
“If I make an offer, who will draw up the paperwork?”
“Why aren’t you using an agent? Is there something wrong with the property?”
“Since you aren’t using an agent we can take their fee right off the top, right?”

Selling your home is one of the most important financial transactions you will make in your life. Don’t take risks. Every home and every buyer is different and every homebuyer wants to offer you as little as possible.

Try it…but here are a dozen reasons to list with Aristo Property Solutions

1. More than 60% of homeowners who try to sell their homes themselves, end up contracting with an agent within 3 months of listing.

2. In the Mumbai Market about 85% of homes are sold by Agents.

3. Most buyers do not choose to see homes put up for sale by owners due to liabilities and uncertainties in dealing directly with an owner as opposed to dealing with a professional agent.

4. Your time is valuable! Let us save you TIME!

5. Knowing the local market, we’re likely to rightly price your house to sell due to the greater exposure and negotiation skills we offer.

6. We will give you honest, objective feedback and recommendations to improve the value of your house.

7. Being A third party the agent can obtain the prospect’s TRUE OPINIONS of your home and relay those comments to you! At Aristo we offer feedback from every viewing.

8. We only show property to buyers who are pre-qualified, so you know your showings are not just curious lookers!

9. Safety. You don’t need to personally open up your home to STRANGERS!

10. We do all the strategic MARKETING to get your home sold.

11. We don’t cost you anything until your property is sold!

12. You will be represented by a professional who shares your goals and can be held ACCOUNTABLE for all the details!


Our goals at Aristo Property Solutions is the same as yours:
1. To get you the most money possible;
2. To sell your home as quickly as you can;
3. To make selling your home a pleasant and profitable experience for you.