If you are near the end of your tenancy and want to stay further by signing another fixed-term agreement with your landlord or convey to your landlord that you're going to move out at the end of your contract we at Aristo make it easy for you.

  • 10 days before start of notice period (before end of term) a reminder will be send to inform tenant about the end of term of the agreement along with form 40/40A to let us know his intent to continue. This information will be shared with owners and tenant will receive acknowledgment of your mail.
  • In case tenant wishes to continue he should fill form 40 and submit to the broking agency.
  • In case tenant has no intent to continue than he should fill in form 40A to inform the same.
  • Forms to reach us at least 3 days before start of notice period.
  • Incase tenant wishes to vacate and the form 40A is received after the start of notice period than equal no of days delay will be factored in by the owner while refunding the deposit money.
  • In case the tenant wishes to continue and does not mail broking agency in time we will take permission from owner to start showing the apartment to other prospective tenants.
  • In case of renewal agent fees of 15 days rent will be applicable to be paid on date of registration or start date of agreement whichever is first.


  • By informing us in advance of your intention to continue we ensure no viewing of the apartment takes place by other prospective clients or agents.
  • We will assist you to renegotiate rent with the owner at the end of the current term.
  • We will keep you updated about current ongoing rentals in to help you take an informed decision.
  • Once the renewal terms are finalized Aristo will take care of entire documentation that will include drafting and execution of the new Rent Agreement, stamping registration, police verification and society no objection.



  • We charge only 15 days of Rent irrespective of the renewal Agreement tenure.
  • We offer the same level of service that you would expect when tenant would sign a first time lease.
  • By utilizing Aristo services you can be rest assured that you have Aristo by your side throughout the tenure especially if you face some maintenance issues related to the apartment and the owner does not reside in same area or same city.

Commission / Brokerage Charges Payable by You to us for all types of Properties 

 For Property Owners / Landlords

Brokerage Equivalent to One Month(30 days) Rent .

Brokerage on Rent renewal

For licensor / landlord brokerage Equivalent to Half Month(15 days) Rent+ GST on prevailing rates.

Property Management Services

10% of yearly rent + GST on prevailing rates.

18 % GST is applicable on all the above brokerages, w.e.f. 01-07-2018.