The idea of an open mandate where many different estate agents can market your property might give you a false sense of having more control over the renting of your property. There are many good reasons for the Landlord to sign a Exclusive Mandate. Landlords want the most money for their property with the least amount of problems. By dealing with one Agent this can be achieved. It is a fallacy that many Agents will do a better job than one Agent can. All tenants interested in the Landlord’s property are funnelled through to one Agent who can negotiate with each one and thus obtain the best price.

Advantages of a Exclusive Mandate

  • Statistics prove you will get a better Price by employing a Sole and Exclusive Real Estate Agent
  • Exclusive Sole Agents concentrate their efforts and put more energy into marketing the property
  • They put more money into marketing your property
  • Avoids duplication of tenants and thus eliminates double commission claims
  • Affords the Landlord more privacy and security
  • Too many Agents can cheapen the property

As your sole Agent we do the foll:

  • View your property and do a comparative market analysis
  • Take photographs and prepare an effective marketing strategy
  • Guide you through the processes to prepare your property rent
  • Promote your property through intensive marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Facilitate a show house campaign
  • Coordinate viewings of your property by appointment for potential tenants
  • Pursue all leads
  • Communication is key, we will provide you with regular feedback and reports
  • Accept tenants from other agencies on a split commission basis
  • Keep you updated with the process
  • Facilitate the key handover


Call or email us today. Ask for a free In-Home Presentation. We will come to your home or office, and present a plan that details exactly how we will market your home. There is absolutely no obligation so don’t let this opportunity pass. It will be our pleasure to provide you this service. Call us direct or fill in the information form and email to us.